Jaguar SUV crossover


For some time the story is that the Indian owner of Jaguar (company Tata Motors) plans to offer this brand new extended models, including the SUV / crossover. It is estimated that in fact the new Jaguar SUV crossover that could attract new customers to the brand, this is supposedly a model in the range of Jaguar to be expected end of 2013. or during the 2014th year.

Jaguar SUV crossover 2 Jaguar SUV crossover

Its SUV models are usually already announced and Maserati (but predstavlejn Kubang concept), Bentley and Lamborghini, and Jaguar and appearance SUV will not be a surprise. Now the French Automobile-site published several images that show two versions of the Jaguar SUV crossover model which was not yet povrđeno whether they are authentic.

Jaguar SUV crossover 3 Jaguar SUV crossover

In any case, the similarity of SUV / crossover with other Jaguar models, the current brand is obvious. Engines offer some vulnerability to the information needed to make a couple of gas and diesel engines, including diesel engine and 3.0 V6.

Jaguar SUV crossover 4 Jaguar SUV crossover

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